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RendezVous is Apple’s name for their implementation of ZeroConf networking.

Apple’s developer docs on Rendezvous.

More information on the proposed standard and the technology backing it.

In Jaguar, support for Rendezvous is provided by Mach API, some additions to CFNetwork, and in Cocoa, NSNetService and NSNetServiceBrowser.

Apple has conceptual Docs about RendezVous here:

Apple has announced that they are going to make the source for Rendezvous available shortly. I, for one, am thrilled, because it seems that it might be portable to Windows and the classic MacOS, not to mention other UNIX platforms, which makes my job as a cross-platform game developer a lot easier. Anybody have any more info about this? – RobRix

Yes, Apple have released the source to mDNSResponder into the Darwin CVS - –DiggoryLaycock

MacDevCenter at OReilly has an article on how to integrate RendezVous:

Howl is Rendezvous for Windows, Linux, etc.

Here’s a Java implementation of Rendezvous named JRendezvous:

And a few articles about it too:

looks like it won’t be called RendezVous much longer with the lawsuits closing in.

Apple lost the lawsuit brought by TIBCO. They will rename RendezVous to OpenTalk

the name OpenTalk suckkerss.

i like it. it fits, and has history. OpenTalk is a spiritual successor to AppleTalk, except it’s open. it’s way better than the other recent name shifts in the Mac world (Chimera -> Camino, Hydra -> SubEthaEdit)

Any clue why they didn’t name it ZeroConf? I like the sound of that more (less OS 8ish, sounds kinda like OpenDoc) they could call it x0conf and be the darling of the h4X0r set

It doesnt really matter as long as we all keep calling it rendezVous.

The latest has BonJour as the new name for RendezVous. At least it’s WikiFriendly…

Uh, Bonjour is not WikiFriendly, someone has just arbitrary capitalized the J. So it’s exactly as wikifriendly as Rendezvous.