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I’m writing a web browser for myself. It is intended to be a replacement for Safari. I can drag-and-drop URLs fine. What I cannot do is click on URLs in emails and have the URLs open up in my browser. I will kindly request that you also leave your solution as a comment under in addition to here as I don’t usually check this site. Thanks a bunch!

You’ll need to set the System Preferences default browser to your own, instead of Safari. However I don’t know how URL requests would then be handled. edit: Was this removed in Panther?!

That is now set in Safari – sucks… what if I delete Safari? then I can’t select another browser…

And to the OP – if you are too lazy to check back for answers, you should not ask them!

OmniGroup just released OmniWeb 5 beta 3 [] and it lets you select the default browser from OmniWeb.