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Help! I just deleted a file (Delete References & Files) in Xcode by accident! It would be fine but this class is huge and took quite a bit of time to write. Is there any way to ressurect it from the disk? Any help MUCH appreciated.

No, OS X doesn’t really do undelete as far as I know. Use backups and VersionControl.

This just happens to be a new class that wasn’t in the last backup. I am trying Prosoft Data Rescue II, and I hope it finds it.

I truly wish you the best of luck. And I realize it doesn’t help you now, but for the future, using VersionControl can help avoid these problems by encouraging more frequent checkins of newly-written source code, among the other wonderful things it does. I hope you can recover your stuff.

As a suggestion, for anyone that writes code: I would recommend as above to have a version control system, and what I also do is have an external drive to which I backup the directory in which all my projects reside once every hour (using PsyncX to setup/automate everything); that way, I would lose at most an hour’s work, and I have a repository to go to as well. -Seb