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Hi There…

Im having some issues with returning a integer through a method.

Heres my code:

I keep on getting the error: warning: return makes pointer from integer without a cast

If I call the method and log the retuned value, it always results in 0, however, if I log the count within the method, I recieve the correct value…

Im sure im doing something wrong, but I don’t know cocoa well enough to work out what….

Any help would be greatly appreciated !!!

Your method is declared to return an [[NSNumber *. You’re returning an int. These two are not the same, and there is no automatic conversion between them.

NSNumber is a class, int is a primitive type.

You are promising to return an object that’s an instance of the NSNumber class by returning a pointer to it (that’s what the * stands for). However, you are returning a number (of whatever size int is on your machine) rather than a pointer. You can fix the method in one of two ways:

Promise an int rather than a number, with - (int) getTotalExpressions (rather than - (NSNumber) …). *Actually return a pointer to a NSNumber instance by creating one with [NSNumber numberWithInt:…], for instance return [NSNumber numberWithInt:[expressionSplits count]];.