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Rowan Beentje - species name for an animal more commonly referred to as “Rowan”.

Cocoa Stuff I kicked around my first bit of c on the mac years back when I was 15 or so, never getting very far (although I still have working remnants of a sidescrolling platformer somewhere). Sidetracked a bit with perl and php, very useful in their own right, until seeing assorted bluetooth remote controls for other platforms in 2002. Thought this was a very nifty idea, cast round for a Mac version (none existed at the time, and for some time after!), and bothered JustinWood to do something about his early prototypes. Eventually decided with some prodding to do it myself, and started fumbling around with Cocoa; this resulted in Romeo ( ).

Still learning, and it shows, but enjoying it hugely.

Other Stuff Generally doing too many things, which is fun :) Vague experience with web code, basic SQL database, Quark XPress, Photoshop at a print and retouching level, Final Cut Pro, and DVD Studio Pro. Working in fundraising at the moment but hoping to switch to an IT field soon; just got to find something decent…

Uk-living, mac-toting, coffee-drinking laid-back hyphen-lover probably about sums me up.