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I know this isn’t necessarily cocoa-specific, but I thought it would be of interest to a number of developers. I’ve created a pack of toolbar icons which can be used for free in your applications. Click the link to go to my site to download them:

I’ve finally put up a portfolio site, so the icons are now available there. The link above has been updated accordingly. The readme file in the archive has been updated to stipulate that a link to my site should be preferably included somewhere in the credits for your app. Thanks.


– MattBall

Not to detract from MattBall’s work, but a lot of these icons are now accessible using +[NSImage imageNamed:], and will properly draw at high DPI as they are composed of vector art whenever possible.

Do elaborate on the previous comment. I am aware of an accessible get info icon and the general prefs icon but two icons are arguably not “a lot of these icons”.

Fire up Interface Builder 3 and open the “Library” window - click on Media. There are hundreds of icons there which you can use in your app. But Matt’s icons sure are nice, too, and I’ve used them a couple of times.

If by hundreds, you mean 16 (toolbar-type icons), then yeah, some are provided for the most basic things like the computer and preferences images, but for most tasks you still need to create your own images.

Does anyone have a copy of MattBall’s icons which they could host somewhere else please? He’s redesigned his website and the file can no longer be found. Also, he’s not responding to comments on his blog and there is no other contact information for him.



Sadly not - that page links to the original zip file on his website, which results in the same 404 file not found error.

I have these icons hosted on my site if anyone wishes to download them. If Matt or anyone else has a problem with this please let me know. You can contact me at jeff.hawkins at - Jeff Hawkins