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If security (and system stability) are not an issue at present, then build your app in Distribution style (so zero-link doesn’t catch you up), log in as root (assuming you’ve enabled it using NetInfo) and run your app. BE CAREFUL - running anything as root can be extremely dangerous. Be sure you know precisely what you’re doing - in most cases, you won’t get a second chance.

There is lots of information about this on CocoaDev:

The SecurityFramework page deals with the fundamentals – where you should look for this functionality, and where to read apple’s docs on it.

There is discussion regarding this at ExecutingCommandWithRootPriveleges and AuthorizationExecuteWithPrivilegesAndStdout and CocoaAppsWithAdminstratorPrivs, but finally: AuthenticatedNSStringWriteToFile has an example on how to solve it in an easy way for a situation just like yours (if I understand it correctly) EnglaBennny