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I hope I’m doing this correctly, I haven’t posted here before. I already flubbed the page name (should have been SFAuthorizationVewAuthorizeMethod).

I have a simple program that implements a SFAuthorizationView to handle authorization. Everything works great, except I’d like to automatically trigger an authorization (and consequent authentication) attempt and it’s not working.

My program edits a launchd daemon plist in /Library/LaunchDaemons/ which is why I’m doing this at all. When there is no existing plist I’m using a default file within the bundle. (It occurs to me now that that may be a security concern.. hm). That concern aside, my call to the authorize: method doesn’t seem to do anything. I’m making other calls to deauthorize: with no problems.

In awakeFromNib: I’m setting up the SFAuthorizationView (called ‘authView’) like so:

// Set up the Authorization View
[authView setString:"system.privilege.admin"];
[authView updateStatus:authView];
// Also set userAuthorized for bindings
[self setUserAuthorized:NO];
[authView setAutoupdate:YES];
[authView setDelegate:self];

The authView is an IBOutlet set up in IB pointing to the SFAuthorizationView. Clicking on the lock when the program runs does all the right things, and I have several delegate methods implemented that fire as expected. If the user quits when authView is still unlocked, part of what transpires is this call:

[authView deauthorize:authView];

That works fine. However, when I put this call in anywhere it does nothing (I’ve tried awakeFromNib: and an action triggered by an NSButton I added to the UI):

[authView authorize:authView];

Any thoughts on what I may be forgetting to do? Or am I misunderstanding the method’s purpose? Thanks!

S�bastien Gallerand: your question really had nothing to do with this thread. I’ve moved it to LaunchdLaunchingAgain.