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Am I the only one who has trouble saving changes to wiki pages on this site with safari? It happens mostly when I try to use WikiTalk (or whatever you call the %% stuff, probably syntax), it is very annoying.

I have not had any problems with Safari that I can think of, I am currently using 1.0, what version are you using? –DerekCramer

To answer the first poster’s question (please leave your name, so we can refer to you! We won’t bite!), yes, I am using Safari 1.0 and some of my posts do not save. It seems to happen with small corrections I make, like fixing someone’s spelling. These do not seem to take recently. I challenge DarekCrmer to fix the spelling of his name in this line (I mispelt it on purpose ;)) using Safari 1.0 and making it stick the first time. –AlexanderD

Hold on! Original poster, I think I figured it out! After you save changes, the page comes up UNCHANGED, but if you hit the reload button, the changes magically come into effect. Is this right, y’all? This does seem like a slightly less malicious bug, but still annoying, because it adds another step (hit the reload button) –AlexanderD

That would be Safari being too efficient with its cache. You’ll probably find you need to reload the Edit page the second time you use it, too. – KritTer

The same problem exists with certain other sites. It is extremely annoying, and potentially dangerous. It is definitely a result of incorrect, too aggressive, caching.

– DavidRemahl