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Lets do a Safari vs. OmniWeb poll.

Safari - (37) OmniWeb - (9) Camino - (7) Mozilla - (2) FireFox - (1)

It seems as though Safari is taking the lead.

For me, the reason OmniWeb is superior is the keyboard support, even though it could be better (e.g. a heuristic to make the largest frame be the default for focus and keep it focused if the mouse is only pressed on a link in another frame and/or make the frame that last changed content get focus), also, doing a ‘find’ which matches part of a link, should make that link the active target – lastly, the keyboard support is worse with 4.5, earlier ti would sometimes drop the focus-box around the link when going back a page, now it always does so, when the link is followed using return (rather than mouse). Another reason I prefer OmniWeb is the Cocoa toolbar which can be totally disabled (for full window browsing), drawers for bookmarks and the proxy icon, which allows me to drag the URL of the window to e.g. Mail or Proteus, without first having to activate it (as is the case with Safari, plus with Safari I only have a proxy icon if i do not hide the location bar).

I love both… In my opinion Safari has better user interface, but I love all Omni software and company itself. +1 for both

I had to add Camino as I write it myself.

Yea but Camino uses Mozilla, which has recently had some major security issues. (Then again, I can’t wait to see the security problems that will appear in KHTML as it becomes more popular. Mozilla has had a good shakedown already.)

Maybe this makes me a freak, but my personal fave is Mozilla. Install the Pinstripe theme ( and it’s even really quite pretty.

I can’t vote because I haven’t used OmniWeb, but I have recently started to use Safari over my all-time favorite browsing environment, Mozilla. The reason is simply performance – on a 500mHz G3 iBook, Safari is significantly quicker. The trade-off I’ve had to make is poor control over my cookies (I actually like to be notified on every site and given a chance to decline).

I’m liking Safari less this morning as it will only let me edit pages here seemingly by chance. I’ve tried changing the 19 to a 20 three times to no effect…anyone (let’s hope this edit takes )?? I see. Small changes don't take effect, but large ones, like a whole line do. I just tried adding a close paren to the end of the last line, which I had missed. Like the 20, the edit didn't take. Now we'll see if this one does.

I’m not going to express an opinion until I see a WebKit version of OmniWeb. The stuff they’ve done recently with WebCore seems pretty nifty, but if it were me I wouldn’t have even bothered until Apple finalized their SDK. So I’m going to reserve judgment until I see something based on WebKit.

Omni does a ton of stuff differently (and in their opinion) better than webkit, including a more heavily threaded networking engine. They’re using webcore over webkit for a reason. They also use a custom webcore with a few bug fixes. –DavidSmith


I don’t think there’s going to be one.. the bits they do themselves, they like doing themselves, and they tend to do them better.

I was under the impression that they’d already released a WebKit beta of OW and were indeed heading in that direction for the app. It would make sense to me, at least.

No, they released a WebCore beta, against the advise of the folks in the know at Apple. I haven’t heard about their plans to use WebKit.

I prefer OmniWeb. Things I miss about OmniWeb on my occasional safaris:

*The source editor (yeah, I know most casual web browsers wouldn’t care, but I edit HTML a lot and the Omniweb source editor is great for that.) However, it is annoying that in the latest versions the source editor window is not treated like a proper document window, in that when I click on OmniWeb in the dock a browser will open or move on top of the source editor I was working in. *The way it doesn’t waste space with a status bar unless there actually is some status. *The network activity window *Nicer dragging and dropping *Bringing up contextual menus without the control key, just like in all other Mac web browsers I’ve ever seen. Maybe it flouts the AHIG, but hey, so does a textured window for a web browser. —- There are things I dislike about both, so I’m writing my own Web browser with a coworker. It is a single-window with multiple tabs. The focus point for development is I’m planning on releasing it April 1, 2004. Until then, I’m using it as my primary browser, finding and ironning out bugs. Back to the topic, I prefer OmniWeb, besides the fact that it has recently started crashing on my system. I was wondering if anyone had sample code for a DownloadDelegate in Objective-C. Cheers!

To the topic author: Um, I know you can do whatever you want, but I’d like to point out that this is a development wiki, and browser choice has pretty much nothing to do with development.

I understand that, but I posted this back when Safari was first out in beta, and there was a lot of hype about WebKit and Safari. Plus people were pointing out that OmniWeb was also Cocoa, but that Apple wasn’t comparing them on their site.

I think it’s relevant. What Cocoa developer hasn’t used Safari and/or OmniWeb? Your browser is an important development tool, even if only for documentation.