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Anybody recreated something similar to Safari’s TabBarView class?

No… does anyone know if this has been done? I’m really interested in trying to recreate safari’s tabs, and to add in some features that they have in linux (e.g. rearranging tabs). It would be cool to have the same methods as the TabBarView class in my recreated class. Could someone tell me how to find out the TabBarView class’s methods? (Sorry, I’m just getting my feet wet with Objective-C)…

And is anyone interested in working with me?


My friend and I are working on packaging up the tab code from Adium 2 (much better than Safari) in an easy to use way. IM me (CatfishMan42 on AIM) and I’ll send you a copy if it’s building right then. It’s GPLed, which is a little bit of a problem, but I don’t really mind GPLing the app I’m working on. [see the link below for a better alternative] -DavidSmith

That’s awesome. I just downloaded adium and checked out the tabs, they are awesome! They’d be perfect for what I’d like to do, too. I’ll be looking for you online, and my SN is “frisbeejoecrow” on aim.

[Updated] The code that used to be linked here was, a) GPL, b) kinda buggy. The new link is to PSMTabBarControl, which has a * slightly * different featureset from AICustomTabsView, but is BSD licensed and significantly easier to use. If people want to improve it, let me know on IM and I’ll give you the info to check it out using subversion. -DavidSmith

Any chance we could see some basic documentation on how to use this by any chance? It’s very nice and all, but it does me no good if I can’t use it. Thanks! -JohnWells

The shiira ( project has some nice tabs that can be used (I think) on commercial projects. -MichaelBianco

I’ve recently (as of 3/11/06) written an update to the PSMTabBarControl code to get in some of the features that had been requested from others. I’ve also completed a web page and documentation for the control, as well as an IB palette implementation for those who choose not to dive too deep into things (note: the palette could be a little buggy, as they are notoriously difficult to make with so little documentation - it worked for me, however).



Please let me know if you find use for this, or encounter any bugs or other difficulties! These links are for the version I maintain myself (I was the original author), some other groups may have open source modifications or source repositories that differ from this. It’s all good…


I’ve tried recently to update PSMTabBarControl to be used in IB 3.0 but I’m not familiar enough with creating a palette. Anyone care to update this wonderful tool so that it can be used in more modern ventures? -todd

As far is i know, iTerm has the same tabs (i used in Tiger for multi-tab terminal interface) you should check them out – EimantasVaiciunas