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Can anyone tell me (or point me towards a tutorial on) how best to scale a view?

I’ve tried using -scaleUnitSquareToSize: but it doesn’t give the desired effect. For one, it takes an integer that represents a percentage, so I can’t really control the effect with a slider. Also the scroll bars don’t alter with the effect.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

You just need to change its bounds. See []

Thanks - that works for scaling the view. However, how do I handle the scroll bars? Is there some way to update them or do I have to manipulate the clipView?

You could put the entire view heirarchy(view->clipView->scollView) in another view and scale that view, then everything, including the scrollbars aught to be scaled.

Tell the view you’re scaling [view setPostsBoundsChangedNotifications:YES]

Tried that - doesn’t seem to work. Should I put it in MyView’s awakeFromNib or every time I change the bounds? Tried both. Are the scroll bars automatically registered to receive those notifications?

I’ll have another try at MulleFaBVisualizer, but I couldn’t unstuff it on first go round.

It’s a .tgz file. Try GUITar on it if StuffIt is giving you problems - []

-scaleUnitSquareToSize: will scale your view but it will not *enlarge* it. You need to change the view's frame for that.

Hey, does anyone know a workaround for scaling a view containing an NSImageView? The image view bounds seem to change, but the rendered image always looks the same size, and does not expand to fit the new bounds.

I assume you’re using something like [imageView setImageScaling:NSImageScaleProportionally] and it isn’t working?

Yup. The image view itself is scaled alright, and I have tried NSImageScaleProportionally and NSImageScaleToFit. So when I “zoom in” real deep I have a giant image view, with a little teeny image at the bottom right corner. I think that it may be that scaling the image has to do with the frame, and not the bounds.

Have you tried setting the NSImageView’s autosizing?

[myImageView setAutoresizingMask:NSViewWidthSizable NSViewHeightSizable]; /* Bitwise OR, not bitwise AND – JonathanGrynspan */

Yes, but it’s not the image view that is having sizing problems, it works fine. It is the image within the image view that does not scale right.

Something definitely seems wrong with that picture. ;-) I’m out of ideas. (* Pun wasn’t intended but if I say it was, would you believe me?)*

How is the image getting into the image view?

I just want to add, that I noticed this a long time ago, and just ended up abandoning ImageView. I thought it was a problem with my old OSX 10.2.something and it would be fixed soon. What version of OSX are you using? -JeremyJurksztowicz

Of course, if nobody reports these bugs, they probably won’t get fixed. Use the BugReporter!