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Right now, I’ve got a nifty screen saver going, it’s a nice flag flapping in the wind. I took it from an NSOpenGLView, and used MikeTrent’s “FadeFromBlack2” to model it as a screensaver. Right now, it works fine, though I had to add a, and a glFlush(), because it wasn’t updating. After it ran for about an hour, it was lagging horrendously, like down to about 5 frames. Any idea why this might be, and how to speed it up? The only code in the DrawRect: method is that which draws the GL_QUADS and then shifts the Z values from each point to the next. (so vertex[3].z = vertex[2].z, in a for loop kind of like that.) the animateOneFrame method has a [self setNeedsDisplay:YES]. Any tips?

� BobInDaShadows

There is probably a memory leak somewhere.

I don’t know a whole lot about fixing memory leaks - though i’ve been the CocoaDev page for them. I don’t do much in the drawRect other than gl commands. I only have 1 object, the “FlagOpenGLView”, the vertices and such are all just structs. It seems to be like a memory leak but on another note, how do you use the performance tools on a ScreenSaver? Do you run them on ScreenSaver engine when your saver is running?

Run your ScreenSaver in SaverLab and run the performance tool on that.

Alright, I’ve managed to stop it’s slowing down after I moved the contents of the drawRect method to the animateOneFrame method, and a little more finagling. Thanks a ton, guys! Right now, I just have to get rid of these weird wavy lines that only show up in low resolutions of the saver.

– BobInDaShadows