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With RBSplitView, how can I get the control’s subviews to scroll up/down when I’m using expandWithAnimation or collapseWithAnimation? I would like a behaviour like you can find in Safari 3.0’s search view (Command-F) or in Coda’s search view. When the subview expands or collapses, you can see that the controls will follow the animation (up/down) instead of simply standing there.

Check and/or adjust the autoresizing masks for your subviews and/or controls. Recall that any subview added to RBSplitView is automatically wrapped in a RBSubSplitView. The wrapped view has its frame set to the SubSplitView frame and its autoresizing masks set to (NSViewHeightSizable NSViewWidthSizable).

The best results I’ve had using RBSplitView have come from tossing out the palette, setting a custom view to the RBSplitView class and then doing all setup and initialization in the awakeFromNib in an associated controller.