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I have a subclass of NSView, and I’d like to have it receive the scrollWheel: event, however it does nothing… it receives other events such as mouseDown:, mouseUp: just fine… but scrollWheel:, nada, zip. Even overriding it on NSWindow doesn’t work!

My override method looks like:

What’s wrong?

Is your view contained in another view which could be eating the event?

Its directly ontop of NSWindow.

Does it accept first responder? Please post more code - the one liner above doesn’t really help much.

The initial first responder is my custom view.

What other code would be relevant? :-/

Do you have

-(BOOL)acceptsFirstResponder { return YES; }

in your view?

I do now and its not helping :(

You also need to override -becomeFirstResponder and have that return YES.

Even with that it still isn’t working sigh :-(

I just tried to subclass a NSView in Xcode and I set it in Interface Builder as custom class of a NSView I dropped onto the window. My subclass receives scroll wheel events very well. And this view is not first responder and have no “becomeFirstResponder” nor “acceptsFirstResponder” methods in it.

I think you have problems with Xcode or IB. Can you try to “clean all targets” then rebuild your entire project in Xcode ?


I think so too, its a bug it seems… the code above didn’t work either. :-/

I got it! Since I was using NSBorderlessWindowMask, I had to add this to my NSWindow:

Hello, I have a new question about scrollWheel: actions and views, this time an NSOpenGLView: I’m doing an OpenGL tutorial, and has managed to get my objects to scale when I use the scroll Wheel. All this works fine in windowed mode, but when I let the NSOpenGLView go fullscreen, I can’t capture the scrollWheel: action anymore. Is there a solution, or should I just resize my window to fit the screen, rather than going in true fullscreen mode? (expose etc disabled, without extra work) Thanks, – EnglaBenny