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I have a subclass of NSTextView that I am drawing some text to (drawAtPoint::) and graphics (NSRectFill). When I enable the scroller in IB it does seem to function as I would expect, ie. the scroller doesn’t change as I draw beyond the bounds of the view.

(I suppose that it might have been better for me to subclass NSView and wrap that view in a scrollView, but when I first started this little project I was having trouble getting what I wanted out of my NSView subclass.)

Any thoughts?

Don’t draw the text yourself, add it to the textStorage of the NSTextView.

Also, subclass NSTextAttachmentCell and draw your graphics in

Charla [ ] does this to draw smileys in an NSTextView among the text.

Areas of interest: main.m, Parser.m’s -insertSmileys:, Smiley.h/m, SmileyFileWrapper.h/m and AnimatedAttachmentCell.h/m

I see. Thanks. But what if my view has no text at all? Just the graphics, that draw off of the viewable “page”? How then do I let the view know that there is more stuff to see and update the scrollers accordingly? —-

[yourDrawingView setPostsBoundsChangedNotifications:YES]; [yourDrawingView setPostsFrameChangedNotifications:YES];