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I have been working with the PDFView example from the Apple developer site.

I have a complete understanding of this application, how it works, etc. and I can almost recreate it from scratch. However, there is one issue.

In the NIB file there is a subclassed control called DraggableScrollView subclassed from NSScrollView which is used to control the display the actual PDF - in particular it provides scroll bars for the view. The control itself, i.e., the thing you drag from the control pallette, is not part of the latest (10.2) developer platform - at least as far as I can tell. I cannot recreate the control in a fresh ProjectBuilder application by doing what seem to be obvious things, i.e., creating it from a CustomView.

However, In the Interface Builder I can copy the control from the window and paste it into a window in another project.

My questions are:

1) Is there some universe or master pallette of Cocoa controls that I need to find?

2) Is this control an old, non-supported version?

3) I need something like this scrolling view but I am concerned about using it if its magic, special, or unreproducable.


I’m not really sure how to use this site, so I’m am editing the page and adding my comments. I recently wanted to add a pdf viewer to a program I’m writing and found this post. I ran into several problems with the NSPDFImageRep that I was trying to solve through google searches. This post made me realize that Apple had sample code, so I downloaded it and spent about 10 hours customizing it (mainly trying to figure out how to get “zooming” to work). After messing with the code I can answer Todd’s question:

No, you don’t a special palette or anything to that effect. Try these steps (from memory, so they may be a little off):

1) In your project (or start a new one, whichever), be sure to add the appropriate files (DraggableScroller.h, DraggableScroller.m, as well as the PDFViewer files). 2) In Interface builder, add a NSImageView and click on it. 3) In the NIB window (“MainMenu.nib”), click on the tab named “classes”. 4) In the hierarchy of classes, you should be at the spot NSObject -> NSResponder -> NSView -> NSImageView. Go there if you aren’t. 5) Hit “return” and type in the name of the class (“PDFImageView”??? I can’t remember the name off hand) 6) Right click on the class on click on “Read files” 7) Find the .h file for the PDFImageView class. 8) From the information palette (click on the NSImageView and hit command-shift-I), go to the custom class page (command-4??) from the drop down menu 9) PDFImageView (or whatever the name is) should be an option. Be sure to select it. 10) Enclose the ImageView with scroll bars (click on the image view, tools->make subview of->scroll view) 11) Highlight the newly added scroll view 12) Repeat steps 3 - 9 for the DraggableScroller class.

Sorry if my memory has failed me, email me with any questions.

Hope it helps! Robbie (