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I am trying to use NSWorkspace’s selectFile: method to select a file located inside a file bundle. The method works as expected when used on a normal folder, but simply opens the folder containing the bundle if I attempt to select the file inside the bundle. Any ideas?

Run an NSTask with “open "

*But not before making a NSURL out of , passing that to NSWorkspace's openURL method and seeing if that has the desired effect.*

A-ahem. I believe the original poster was NOT trying to open a file but rather to reveal it in the Finder. The only alternative to selectFile: I know of is the Finder’s AppleScript dictionary, which should work (but I didn’t try).

URLs can point to folders too. openURL may not select the proper file, but it’ll get the folder inside the package opened. Whoops, you’re right.

You can also send the finder an apple event.