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Hi. I just got BookCocoaProgMacOSX and have reached Chapter 12. I am trying to implement the custom alert panel features, but the program repeatily claims that none of the items in the table view are selected, even though I have Mutliple Selection on. And the odd thing: the program does not crash, Xcode doesn’t spit out a warning or error and Interface Builder validated the interface! Here is the remove: code:

Am I doing anything wrong with this function, or is this not enough to diagnose? - PietroGagliardi

This might be a simple question, but are you sure your outlet ‘personController’ is bound to the controller? —- That fixed it. Thanks.

I think I overlooked something in the earlier chapters :-)

Also consider that you may be handed back an empty array. i.e., not ‘nil’, but an empty NSArray instance.