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How can I programatically select an NSToolbar item?

[toolbar setSelectedItemIdentifier:[theToolbarItem itemIdentifier]]

That only selects it, but I want to send its action too, so that it changes panes?

Just call the toolbar item’s method manually. So let’s say you have a toolbar item whose method is @selector(goHome:). You would simply use [self goHome:nil] to call the method. Or theToolbarItem target] performSelector:[theToolbarItem action] withObject:nil]

Yeah, I am aware I can do that :) But wondering if there was a way to do it otherwise. This is the way I have it done now, but it would seem better the other way (less code too). But thanks for your help!

Note that when manually calling actions, it’s better to use code like this:

[[[NSApp sendAction:[item action] to:[item target] from:item];

This will correctly handle actions that go to the First Responder, and otherwise act the same for actions that have a specific target.

Is there any way to deselect a toolbarItem? I am trying [toolbar setSelectedItemIdentifier:nil] and :@”” but can’t make this happen. Also, the toolbar variable _selectedItemIdentifier is @private, so I can’t reference it directly in my code. —- Your best bet might just be having a “Show All” equivalent like in the Panther system prefs, and using that. Alternatively, you could try having a “dummy” item in toolbarSelectableItemIdentifiers: that isn’t actually in toolbarAllowedItemIdentifiers:, and switch to that one (since it looks like setSelectedItemIdentifier: needs a selectable identifier). WARNING: untested! –JediKnil —- Scratch that, :nil works just fine (a good night’s sleep later the problem turns out to be on my end)