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Hi, After reading documentation I’m a bit confused about different types of notifications. I have an app with some plugins installed in its bundle (PlugIns directory) or in Applications Support (/myapp/Plug-Ins). It works fine, but what I need now is to send a notification from plugin and catch it in the main app itself. Can I use plain simple NSNotification for this [NSNotificationCenter defaultCenter] postNotificationName:@”name” object:self]; or should I use NSDistributedNotificationCenter?

I did a test with NSNotification, and it works, but I’m not sure if it’s a correct way to do such things. And if this makes any difference I’m also running a plugin in another thread, not in the main one.

What you want to do depends on what you want to happen. Once your plugin loads, there is no difference between it and the application, so your worry about sending a notification “from a plugin” doesn’t make much sense. It makes no difference.

You may, however, have some problems with the fact that you’re sending the notification from a secondary thread. Notifications are received on the thread where they’re sent. Using the setup you have now, the main application must be aware that the notifications are being sent on a secondary thread, and refrain from doing anything (like twiddling the GUI) that is forbidden from such threads. If this is not the case, use performSelectorOnMainThread: in your plugin to invoke a method on the main thread, then send the notification from there.

Thank you so much for explanation, the things are more clear now.