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One of the frameworks included with Mac OS X is called Message.framework, and in it are some classes that allow you to send email directly from you application (as opposed to sending it via Mail using the NSWorkspace technique described in SendingEmailMessages)

The first order of business is to add this framework to your project. To do so select Add Frameworks… from the Project menu in Project Builder. Message.framework is located in the directory /System/Library/Frameworks/.

The class in this framework that we use is called NSMailDelivery. Check out the header file for this class to see what it’s about. One way to send email using this class is the method + (BOOL)deliverMessage:(NSString *)messageBody subject:(NSString *)messageSubject to:(NSString *)destinationAddress. Note that this is a class method, so there is no need to first instantiate NSMailDelivery. The following example of code shows how we can use this method in a simple email app.

The interface for this app consists of an NSTextView, in which the message body is typed, a “Subject:” text field, a “To:” text field, and a “Send” button. The interface file might looks like the following:

#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h> #import <Message/NSMailDelivery.h>

@interface Controller : NSObject { IBOutlet id messageBody; IBOutlet id subjectField; IBOutlet id toField; }

And the implementation

#import “Controller.h”

@implementation Controller


I know, maybe my question is a bit off topic, but I found that this code doesn’t work for me. I noticed that [NSMailDelivery hasDeliveryClassBeenConfigured] gives me NO. What’s wrong with my system? Seems like I have to configure something…

You should set up a default e-mail account in System Preferences -> Internet -> Email.

– FinlayDobbie


Does this require / to have it’s permissions set correctly? By default, it is group writable, and sendmail complains about this (what the hell for I don’t know!). 99% of new OS X users (i.e. the non-geek-people) will not have changed this, making it unreliable. Another question, how does this compare to system( “echo some stuff mail” ); ?

EDMessage was just updated and works well with .MAC and gmail (SSL, authorization etc). Google it.