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Is there any function in the Sequence Grabber API that would help me grab an image and create a CIImage?

I have no idea of QuickTime, honestly, but one short google search brought up toxicsoftware’s blog with an example:


Did that help?


I don’t see a whole lot of use of the Quicktime Sequence grabber API in the example. I don’t even see references to the framework.

Make sure not to look into samples/SequenceGrabber but into /frameworks/source/sequencegrabber…

But as I said, I m not familiar with that thing, maybe it s of no help whatsoever…

It seems like a really useful user made framework, but is there anyway to actually download the whole thing? I can just vew the source in the browser. I can’t compile it, or look at the nib files. Is there any way or program that would download the actuall file?

It�s a subversion repository… use subversion to grab the files. You ll find info on subversion elsewhere, e.g. here:


Problem solved. This article helped: NSImageFromAMovieFrame

All you do is use SGSetGWorld, and then use a method similar to the one in the article.