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In the NSMenuItem documentation, it says it’s currently unsupported in OS X. Now I wonder, is there a way to make it work? A carbon-call maybe so I can use my custom-drawn NSImage as onStateImage, additional to the “normal” image?

1: Please do not post MailingListMode (question/answer) pages. This isn’t a mailing list.

2: You might try NSMenuItem’s -setImage: method … the on-state image is the way it is because menus are a basic part of the UI and consistency is painstakingly enforced.

As stated above, I’d like to have it additional to the “-image” of NSMenuItems. and in my case, this would make perfect sense, so there wouldn’t be much of a UI inconsistency.

Ad 1: How would I go about writing this question not in mailing list mode? On the site that’s linked to that word it just says to avoid it, but not what it actually is.

One way would be to write the question to an actual mailing list, such as the cocoa-dev list at Apple.

1: Did you actually read the MailingListMode page? It most certainly describes exactly what it is and the approach you should take on a wiki. The SingleQuestionAndAnswer (linked to from the afore-mentioned page) gives even more information.

2: As you read in the -setOnStateImage: documentation, “Changing state images is currently unsupported in Mac OS X.” About 3 seconds into a Google search on that method found this: and this: and several others.

This is why Q&A / MailingListMode questions are inappropriate. This page is not a handy collection point of notes but rather a temporal and transient discussion adding nothing to search results that can easily be found elsewhere (such as mailing lists via Google). Think of this site as a living reference book, not a threaded discussion forum. It’s far more useful as the former and breaks down when used as the latter.

For everyone else who’s interested in how to use -setOn/Off/MixedStateImage:, here’s the solution (at least it worked for me): Use an NSImage created with [NSImage imageNamed:@”…”];, it should work. worked here. Whoever wants to reformat this page may do so, I can’t because I have to read the MailingListMode thing first to see how to change it to make it pass the protocol.

The procedure is pretty simple. CocoaDev is foremost a living reference, so the procedure would be to take the information on this page and build a reference from it, whether a how-to or a list of resources or whatever format makes the most sense. First, it needs a better name, this one makes little sense for a reference. I would suggest something like NSMenuOnState, but other useful titles could occur. Write that page as a straightforward document using the information gained on this page. Then link it from other pages as appropriate, for example a link from NSMenu or UndocumentedGoodness would make sense. Last, mark this page with DeleteMe.