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How do I change the size of a control (in this case a WebView) programmatically? It’s probably something stupidly simple, but googling, searching this site, and searching the documentation yielded nothing.


Use NSView’s -setFrame: method.

Ok, I tried programming this, but I’m a little lost here. I can’t get this code to compile:

NSRect aFrame;

aFrame = [WebView frame];

aFrame.size.height = aFrame.size.height + 10;
[WebView setFrame:aFrame display:YES animate:YES];

Please note this code is based on my window resizing code.

EDIT: GAH, this was my own stupidity. It was referring to the WebView class rather than my webView control… anyway, it compiles now, but when I try to fire the action is simply reports in the run log “+[WebView setFrame:]: selector not recognized”. Eh?

EDIT: Nevermind again, once again my stupidity. Here’s the working code if someone might want to use it:

NSRect aFrame;
aFrame = [webView frame];

aFrame.origin.y -= aFrame.origin.y;
aFrame.size.height = aFrame.size.height + 20;

[webView setFrame:aFrame];