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see also WindowSetTitle

I’m (very) new to Cocoa, and I’m making a simple document-based app. I’d like to call new windows something more descriptive than “Untitled” - how might I go about doing that?

I’ve tried adding a button to the NIB with code: [window setTitle:@”new title goes here”]; and this works fine. (window is an IBOutlet that I’ve connected to the NSWindow object.)

When I add that code to - (void)awakeFromNib, the title doesn’t update. Yes, it is getting called, it just has no effect (and no logged errors, either).

It doesn’t work with the - (void)windowControllerDidLoadNib:(NSWindowController *) aController method either.

What is the proper way to set an the title of a document window?


You could try overriding - (NSString *)displayName in your document class, check if [self fileName] is nil (whether or not the document has been saved) and if it is, return whatever you’d like. Or you could implement - (NSString *)windowTitleForDocumentDisplayName:(NSString *)displayName in a NSWindowController subclass. You should be aware, though, that the HIG say unsaved documents should be called ‘Untitled’, not anything else.




Just to clarify on the above, the AHIG says it must be in lowercase. Which the default implementation of displayName in NSDocument has wrong.


see HowToLowerCaseNewDocUntitledTitle for a solution, if this keeps you awake at night

I wasn’t expecting such quick responses!

I’ll try doing what the second poster said to override the document name.

Actually, these “documents” aren’t savable - they display the contents of files fetched from the internet. I assumed that the NSDocument structure would be best for spawning multiple (similar) windows, and it seemed to be working fine.

I’m really liking the efficiency of OOP, I had tinkered with ObjC a few years ago, and found it incredibly annoying (I hadn’t grasped the OO concept yet). But I’ve written a fully-functional web-based application on an hour-long bus ride (thanks to internet via Bluetooth), which would have taken me much longer in most any other language I can think of.

If it’s working for you, then fine, but if you’re not dealing with editing/saving, NSDocument has a lot of overhead you don’t really need. You could probably get away with just using a NSWindowController subclass to manage the windows.