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I’ve been using cocoa now for 6 months, but have only just come across the need for drawing text in an NSView which is shadowed. Now i know how to draw the text in the first place, i just need to be able to draw the shadow.What do i need to use to get this working?

Basically i’m trying to do text similar to that which the desktop icons use.

Thanks TomHancocks

Like any other attribute, shadowing is an attribute that you add to the NSAttributedString (or that you add to the attributes dictionary for a plain NSString). You can see a full list of attributes in the docs, or by opening AppKit/NSAttributedString.h in Xcode. The attribute you want here is NSShadowAttributeName.

For drawing shadows around arbitrary drawings, not just text, see the NSShadow class.

Thanks a lot, I was looking at NSShadow but not getting anywhere.

To use NSShadow, you’d create the shadow object and then set it, like a color, by doing [shadow set] before doing the actual drawing

If you care about 10.2 compatibility, you can use NSClassFromString to check whether the NSShadow class exists before using it as described on JaguarOrPanther

I was searching around for a version of NSTextField that would draw a shadow. Didn’t find one (didn’t look hard either), here’s one that does the trick - its a derivation of NSTextField and overrides the drawing code such that a shadow gets set up before the standard drawRect: is invoked, thus you get to keep all the lovely IB goodness etc.