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I have my main application, and within this application (in its Resources folder) I have another application. I have a framework that is used for both applications but I have the framework in both applications, making duplicates of it. Is there a way I can share one framework between both applications?

Know what I’m talking about? Could someone help? Thanks. –KevinWojniak

Well, you can probably make the build system do the duplication for you, but you’ll still end up with a copy in the Frameworks folder of each application’s bundle. I don’t know if I can see a way around that without putting them in a global location. But then, I’m having problems with this whole thing myself… I’m not quite clear on what is possible with the linker.

– RobRix

What about using a symbolic link instead of a real copy?

Forgive my ignorance… will symlinks work properly relatively?

Yes, symlinks do work!

Symlinks are very un-Mac. If the user moves the applications relative to eachother, the symlinks will break, it’s not how applications should work on a Mac. A better way to do this could be to use [NSWorkspace absolutePathForAppBundleWithIdentifier:] to get the path to the application which contains the framework, and then load it dynamically with [NSBundle bundleAtPath:] (see DynamicallyLoadFrameworks). .