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I have a document based application. When it runs, a main menu window comes up with a few options for the user (New, Load, Quit, etc.) I want the user to define a few properties everytime a new document is created (whether it is done from the File Menu or the actually window). So what I have is a sheet that is displayed from an NSPanel from the MyDocument nib file. I display this sheet in the:

method of MyDocument.h using:

[NSApp beginSheet:newStudioPanel modalForWindow:mainWindow modalDelegate:self didEndSelector:NULL contextInfo:nil];

newStudioPanel being the NSPanel and the mainWindow being the NSWindow of the Document.

When I create a new Document, the document window (mainWindow) appears, and the sheet comes up but not as a sheet for the window. It isn’t attached, but behind the document window.

I have this problem, too

I have found , see section 20

See the example at