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I’m writing some unit tests, and I’m testing some conditions in which an exception is supposed to be thrown. So I’ve come up with this macro:

#define DDAsertException(condition, errorMsg)
BOOL threwException = NO;
@try { condition; }
@catch (id e) { threwException = YES; }
@finally { NSAssert(threwException, errorMsg); }

An example of its usage (doing something that is supposed to throw an exception): DDAssertException([ddElement addAttribute:nil], @”Failed test 9”);

This works well and good, but I still see the exception being printed on the console: *** Assertion failure in -[DDXMLElement addAttribute:], …

It doesn’t crash the app or cause any problems what-so-ever. But it still prints the exception on the console. This always catches my attention, and makes me think something went wrong. Is there anyway I can do to prevent the exception from being printed to the console?

For those thinking, “why would you want to…” - this is for the [ KissXML] project. The purpose of this project is to act exactly like NSXML. So if NSXML throws an exception, so should KissXML.