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I have an app that is a NSView subclass.

What happens is that in the init method, an array is created by means of array = [NSMutableArray array];

When the program, in the drawRect method, attempts to access the array, it works once, but crashes with EXC_BAD_ACCESS afterwards.

The solution?

array = [[NSMutableArray array] retain];

The +array method returns an array to be autoreleased.

The shortest solution is [NSMutableArray new]. Such construction will create new array with retain count = 1. Using [[NSArray array] retain] will result in to unnecessary messages been sent: autorelease and retain. It also may increase a memory footprint of your app if you’re creating a lot of such autoreleased objects in a loop.

– DenisGryzlov

The most general solution is to read and understand MemoryManagement. This is not optional in Objective-C (yet). You must thoroughly understand MemoryManagement if you wish to write ObjC applications.

Another thing to look out for is having a nil at the end of [NSArray arrayWithObjects:obj1, obj2, nil]. Without a nil, your array may work once or even twice and then fail suddenly. These kind of errors are hard to spot, so always check your init lists! –JeremyJurksztowicz