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Since it’s more a place to discuss than to answer questions, what are the places where we can ask questions and get quick answers ?

Pretty much any open forum, be it a WikiWikiWeb, MailingList or MessageBoard, will produce discussions. CocoaDev is a fine place to ask questions, and CocoaDiscussions seems to be the place that they generally go. And once the questions have been answered, the information can be ReFactored into other relevant pages if there isn’t any useful discussion that needs to be kept for posterity.

Apple’s cocoa-dev mailing list is pretty good. It’s either gotten better in the last year or so or I’ve gotten more tolerant. :-) There’s also a mailing list run by the OmniGroup.

I’ve found Apple’s and Omni’s mailing lists, and CocoaDev to have the best quality answers/information/people on them. MacNN, SpyMac and most general Mac BBs have developer forums, but the questions & answers there are usually too basic for anyone that comes here. On the other hand, visit there and you can be an instant expert… as long as you don’t mind answering retain/release questions all the time ;)

How about cocoa-specific IRC channels ?

There’s #macdev on freenode. Bring your thickest skin when you come, though. The channel’s main emphasis is “hang out and chat”, and helping newbies is not a high priority. People are usually happy to help if you’re willing to listen and have done your research, though. It’s not Cocoa-specific, of course, but such is life.

There’s also #cocoajox for ‘advanced’ questions on freenode, but it was utterly silent when I stopped in a few days ago. It being Christmas Eve might have had something to do with that, though.

It’s called #cocojox, and with a topic of “#cocojox: where the tuff questions are tuff and the easy questions are in #macdev” (I guess correct spelling is optional), bristles with some kind of hostility, along with their general silence, find them to be a waste of time. A lot of smart folks hang out in #macdev, even if they are a bit cranky at times. Newbies can get lots of help. Folks who do a little research before hand, and can take advice fare a lot better.

Not to mention the fact that #macdev routinely discusses such obscura as low-level uses of mach messaging, ObjC runtime internals, undocumented CoreGraphics APIs, etc. #cocojox is probably just like that cocoa-pro mailing list that got started a while back: not very many people, all asking the same questions as everybody else, but with a smaller audience. Pour vous inscrire Orange et garder votre numéro, vous aurez peuvent avoir compte opérateur d’identification ( code de programme ) [ rio bouygues]. Vous obtiendrez pouvez obtenir pour gratuit par entrer en contact avec la voix expression du serveur ou du service à la clientèle support clients votre actuel entreprise [ code rio bouygues] . Vous ne obtenir un SMS avec vos . Avec votre propre [ code rio orange], alors il est possible d’ la offre de de son ON rouge.