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I had gotten my hopes up about using NSWorkspace’s slideImage:from:to: method to provide visual feedback to a user when they click a button to add an object to a list, rather than drag it. I wanted to use the same image as the one I compose as my drag image. Basically, I want to slide the drag image from tableViewA to tableViewB without DnD when a button is pressed.

Unfortunately, the devil is in the details. The last line in the docs said “Currently has no effect.” Sure enough, the docs are accurate. ;-)

The question is, how can I achieve this on my own? I would assume I’d need to:

Is there a better way to do this? Any suggestions? Performance issues that I’m likely to run into (though the drag image is only maybe 100x32, made from a 32x32 icon and an attributed string label)?

For the purists among you, yes, I fully intend to make this gratuitous flying icon option a prefs option. The intent is to dazzle, but not annoy. ;-)


Just create a window and slide that…

bRect …

[slidingWindow setAlphaValue: 0.5]; // +/- a tad
[slidingWindow setFrame:aRect display:YES];
   [imageViewInSlidingWindow setImage: yourSlidingImage];
[slidingWindow orderFront:nil];
[slidingWindow setFrame:bRect display:YES animate:YES]; }

Taking this basic idea you could write a NSWindow subclass that does most of this for you kind of like the ToolTip classes.

Sounds like a job for NSViewAnimation! This tutorial might help:

– Andy Matuschak

NSViewAnimation is more flexible but requires Tiger+. A window based solution should be good all the way back. I’d personally go with NSViewAnimation but I’ve got no market constraints…being a hobbyist has its advantages, though they aren’t monetary.

It would be a neat project to reimplement NS[View]Animation’s interfaces in Panther-compatible code. Maybe I’ll do that sometime. – AndyMatuschak