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I love OmniNetworking, but sometimes it seems like killing a fly with an axe – fun, but a little excessive. I went looking for a simpler replacement, but to my surprise, didn’t turn up anything.

As a learning experience, and possibly valuable thing for the community, I decided to start an open-source project called SmallSockets that is a very simple and lightweight Obj-C Cocoa wrapper for BSD sockets.

It requires no other frameworks, support files, or anything other than what is installed by your Mac OS X Developer CD.

It can be downloaded here:

It comes with a sample app showing how to call it.

I hope you will take a moment to review my code and pitch in with comments, suggestions, and more code.

– StevenFrank

Version 0.6.0 now available.

This project has now completely transitioned to its new home on SourceForge. From there you can download, get CVS access, file bug reports and suggest features.

– StevenFrank