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I would like to create an iTunes like Smart Playlist. I have two controllers. One for the source table view and another for the content on the right. The interface looks exactly like iTunes. I would like to create a smart playlist right from the search field. How can I create a “smart playlist” so that when the user selects the “smart playlist”, it would create a live search on the library’s contents. I also want it to automatically update it’s contents if there is another entry added to the library. Thanks for the help, if any. Thanks.

That is such an astoundingly broad question. It’s unlikely that anyone could answer something like that with so little information.

Probably the best idea in this instance is to wait for Spotlight. :)

Yep. Basically, the answer for how to create a smart playlist like in iTunes is “query your database and display the results.”

Great! I successfully did the “query your database and display the results” option. Works great! I even have it done by selecting what to search for on the fly! But I also want to apply a “iTunes” smart album edit panel. Where you press the plus button and you add another filter to the group. How can I do that?

Read this tutorial:

Yeah, I read that already. But the interface is not classy at all. Anyone know how apple does it?

Well since I’m sure a lot of us work for Apple we could tell you…

Apple does it in Carbon.

Anyway, if the interface isn’t classy enough for you, design a new one.

iPhoto isn’t Carbon.

Neither is Mail.

The app being talked about is iTunes, which is in Carbon. But the point is, it doesn’t matter whether it’s Carbon or Cocoa. It can be done.

Yes, the question is.. how can it be done? ;)

Read this tutorial:

if the interface isn’t classy enough for you, design a new one.

echo… echo… echo…

Check out the MailSorter.nib in Mail.

You can try this (xcode project in progress):

No readme, uses bindings, takes parameters from a plist file in the Resources folder.