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I have read some of the previous articles on animation in cocoadev, but could not find a direct answer to my question. I am trying to use NSAnimation to simply move a NSWindow from off the screen to on the screen and vice versa. The window contains several views and NSImages. I found NSViewAnimation to be horrible for smoothness. I have subclassed the NSAnimation class an in the setCurrentProgress I move the window up based upon the progress. This is fairly smooth, but it still seems to be slightly bumpy. I have played around with the frame rate and can get it to smooth out a little more, but it is not nearly as smooth as say minimizing a window. I have also set NSAnimation to NSAnimationNonblocking (and have tried the other 2 modes). Does anyone know of a really good way to further smooth out an animation either using NSAnimation, or would I be better off doing something else, perhaps with a Timer. I am guessing that CoreAnimation would solve the issue by moving stuff to the GPU?

I am also running on a MacBook Pro, so I have the horsepower.


CoreAnimation shouldn’t be a big help for this. You already don’t have to redraw anything to move a window around, and the performance benefits of CoreAnimation come from avoiding redraw.

Post your NSViewAnimation code, perhaps? There’s no good reason why this should be slow.

Also, if your case is so simple, you might be able to use -[NSWindow setFrame:display:animate:]. Pass NO for display. This shouldn’t be any more performant than NSViewAnimation, but it’s a bit less code.

Thanks for the help. I actually found setting animate:NO did very good for the performance. This seems to have solved my issue for now and made things better. Thought I still need the display:YES for it to work correctly. Unfortunately, at this time I do not have access to the code (its at home), but it was bassically in the setCurrentProgress just altering the windows position by some amount * progress. Oh well, the animate:NO seems to work for now.

Sorry for troubling you. Thanks