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I currently have an NSMutableArray of NSMutableDictionary objects. I want to sort the array based on one of the fields from the mutable dictionaries. For example the dicationary has 2 keys “filename” and “filepath” I would like to be able to sort the array based on the values of those keys for the dictionary. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks

Look up the NSSortDescriptor class. It’s similar to Comparator in Java (and the ComparatorDesignPattern). Or you can use the NSArray method sortedArrayUsingFunction:context:. –TheoHultberg/Iconara

Like Theo said, but here’s some code: int someSort(id obj1, id obj2, void *context) { return ([[NSDictionary *)obj1 objectForKey:(NSString *)context] compare:[(NSDictionary *)obj2 objectForKey:(NSString *)context]]; } And you could call it like this: [array sortUsingFunction:someSort context:@”title”]; // @”title” is a key in your dict

Much thanks. Worked perfectly.