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I am running into an odd problem. I have used bindings to control a NSTableView consisting of several columns. In one of these columns, I keep a list of Japanese entries (hiragana and katakana only; no kanji) and in another I keep a list of English entries. I can sort the English entries without any difficulties, but when I try to sort the Japanese entries, the sort order is not correct. It is mostly correct (about 4950 entries out of 5000 are ok); yet some entries end up in the wrong spot.

It looks like if I only use hiragana or katakana, the sorting works properly. Just when I mix the two, does this problem occur.

I have tried compare, localizedCaseInsensitiveCompare, localizedCompare, but it did not solve the problem.

For now, I am asking the bindings to sort the entries by unicode value, which gets rid of this erratic sort order that I saw with compare, localizedCaseInsensitiveCompare, and localizedCompare. Unfortunately, this doesn’t recognize the equivalence of, say, hiragana ‘a’ and katakana ‘a’. So if there are any better solutions, please let me know.

@implementation NSString (UnicodeComparison)


FilenamesArentStrings may be helpful here.

Indeed! Thank you, this solved the problem nicely.