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The JavaScript implementation used in Mozilla is called SpiderMonkey. It is also available as a seperate library and can be embedded in own applications: includes NGJavaScript which is a SpiderMonkey/Objective-C bridge:

Anyone know how this compares with e.g. JavaScriptCore?

The JavaScript implementation used in Mozilla is (far ?) better than the JavaScriptCore. In my last application I have to used Webkit and his JavaScript implementation and on some complex pages with lot of JavaScript the JavaScriptCore crashes whereas Mozilla just run fine.

SpiderMonkey is the JavaScript reference implementation.

I want to embed the Mozilla JavaScript Engine in my application so that i can use it (JS Engine) as a plugin system… has anybody done this before ???

Which one? Rhino or SpiderMonkey? Rhino is easy to integrate into a Cocoa/Java application (as the interpreter is in Java)… I have no experience with SpiderMonkey (the C/C++ implementation), but if you are just arbitrarily picking a JavaScript engine, have you considered WebKit’s support?

I intended to embed SpiderMonkey. but what are the advatages of Rhino in in there relation to Cocoa???? - SimonAndreasMenke

I’ve embedded JS SpiderMonkey in my app using :

really cool stuff…

see also topics like WebKit and JavaScriptCore