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Does anybody know how to open up the ~/Library/General/StickiesDatabase file and work with it? I tried General/NSUnarchiver, couldn’t get that to work. Anybody have an idea? It looks like sometype of General/NSArray is in there but I don’t know how to get it out.

It sure looks like an General/NSArchiver file; the only hold-up is that it seems to use a class named Document (no relation to General/NSDocument), so you’ll need to either provide a Document class or use decodeClassName:asClassName: to substitute yours in. It appears to have only a single encoded object within the Document class, an General/NSData object that seems to hold a serialized General/NSFileWrapper (probably using it’s serializedRepresentation and initWithSerializedRepresentation: methods). Once you get the General/NSFileWrapper, you can use its -writeToFile:atomically: method to write it out as a directory and see what’s in it. – Bo

PS A super quick Document class to illustrate what you need. Not tested in the slightest, caveat emptor, etc.:

@interface Document : General/NSObject <General/NSCoding> { General/NSFileWrapper* fw; } @end

@implementation Document

Ok thanks. I also just parsed through it as a string using some delimiters. Pretty cheap, but it worked :)

It appears that it has changed on OS X 10.3. It no longer uses an General/NSFileWrapper but

typedef enum { General/YellowStickie=0, General/BlueStickie, General/GreenSticke, General/PinkSticke, General/PurpleSticke, General/GreySticke } General/StickieColor;

@interface Document: General/NSObject <General/NSCoding> { General/NSMutableData *rtf; // RTF file General/NSRect location; // screen location int flag; // ?? General/NSDate *created; // created General/NSDate *changed; // last change General/StickieColor color; // color code }

– hns

could the flag var be for the collapsed/expanded state of the stickie?

I’m very interested in making a full General/StickiesDatabase parser. Here’s what General/ClassDump outputs for Stickies 4.2:

@interface Document : General/NSObject <General/NSCoding> { int mWindowColor; int mWindowFlags; struct _NSRect mWindowFrame; General/NSData *mRTFDData; General/NSDate *mCreationDate; General/NSDate *mModificationDate; }

So would I just have to create this document header and implementation file and then use General/NSUnarchiver to process it?? Don’t tell me it’s that easy… :)

I don’t know, you tell us ;) I doubt it’s that complex… It’s only Stickies, after all…

This article over at General/ shows how to reverse engineer the General/StickiesDatabase file