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I needed a stopwatch to time how long operations take and also for a traffic shaper implementation. Didn’t find any public implementations so rolled my own General/ObjC class based on this technical Q&A - . I should note that this implementation should have less overhead than using gettimeofday(). The stopwatch provides nanosecond precision and you can get it from When you want to time some parts of your code, create a stopwatch object and start it.

General/MDNanoStopWatch* watch = General/[[MDNanoStopWatch alloc] init]; [watch start]; // your code … [watch stop]; General/NSLog(@”%qi nanoseconds elapsed”, [watch value]); [watch release];

The stop method also returns the time elapsed so you can just write

General/NSLog(@”%qi nanoseconds elapsed”, [watch stop]);

You can reuse a a single stopwatch object as many times as you want. If you find this class useful/crappy/buggy please leave a comment. Thanks.