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Hello i was trying to use a NSURL like this :

NSURL *dicturl; General/NSDictionary *productVersionDict;

url = @””; dicturl = [NSURL General/URLWithString:url]; productVersionDict = General/[NSDictionary dictionaryWithContentsOfURL:dicturl];

if (productVersionDict != nil) { // do stuff here } else { General/NSLog (@”error can not load url : %@\n”,url); }

It seems that it is impossible to load this url. But any other url is working. But in my browser i have no problem to access this url either with/without proxy.

So i guess that NSURL is not working when the specified URL has a wrong reverse name lookup !

Can anybody verify my presumption?

– General/KarstenFuhrmann

From my understanding, the XML file must be an Apple Property List-type file in order for General/NSDictionary to understand it.

– Yuhui

Sorry, I think I posted in the wrong place.