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Good day.

I have some questions:

What is the simplest way to detect language of General/NSString(or character of General/NSString)? How can i detect active keyboard layout? Where can i read about working with (active) keyboard layout(s)?


What language a string is in? I’m not aware of any way to do that without writing an AI parser. You could search the string for common words from common languages, I guess. ‘the’ would mean English, ‘le’ would mean French, ‘el’ would mean Spanish, and so on.

The General/AppleLanguages key in the General/NSGlobalDomain of user defaults contains the current OS language.

Take a look at General/HIToolbox/Keyboards.h

General/NSString(s) have encodings. See General/NSStringEncoding.

For input managers and what not, see:

Hello, I might be able to help you in case you’re looking for special cases in terms of language. There’s General/NSCharacterSet, a cool class which lets you define a range of letters and symbols. That way I wrote a parser to divide German/Persian text files into seperate strings. Check the manual or mail me at info a.t