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I have a question about stringValue. What I want to do is take a username and password from an General/NSTextField and an General/NSSecureTextField in a Preferences Panel. I want the user to enter in their credentials into the panel and allow that user to log into the system. My problem is getting the actual strings/values the user enters in those fields for later use (i.e. logging in). Here’s the code I’ve messed around with so far:

The same code above would be used for the password except “pword” would be substituted for “user_id” and the method would be getPassword instead.

I’m still a bit new to Cocoa and trying to learn it all and have searched the site but couldn’t find anything that directly answers the question. Thanks for the help! -Ryan

It is certainly not a problem that is specific to the class General/NSString. The problem appears to be that you want that General/StringValue to persist outside the above method. If that is the case, you need to learn about Cocoa’s General/MemoryManagement system. The stringValue method returns an autoreleased object. To learn about just what that means, read about General/RetainingAndReleasing. But above all, start with General/CocoaIntroduction, which will give you a more orderly path to your destination.

—- Actually, he also has a problem in his code, as well. If you just copied and pasted it, you need to fix the General/NSLog line. Where you have “@E-mail should be @”E-mail. That should fix one problem, if the General/NSLog itself is what’s not working.

—-Mmhm. Good snag. And as such, that would be handled by my recent reclamation project, General/ParseError.

—-Thanks for the help. I’m still a little stuck but I’ll keep working on it and ask if I get stuck or need more help. The General/NSLog isn’t the problem though, but thanks for the fix. -Ryan

I don’t think this line is doing what you expect:

   General/NSString *user_id = [user_id stringValue];

That’s creating a new local variable named user_id (which is initialized as a pointer to garbage), sending it the message stringValue (which will likely crash), and then changing the pointer to point to the return value.

Try using a different name for the local variable (like userIDString), or renaming your user_id outlet to something else (like userIDField). -General/ChrisCampbell