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Is there anway in cocoa (Obj-C) to have a General/NSString (Bam) and find an occurance of “BAM” in Bam.

sorta like:

General/NSString *Bam = General/[[NSString alloc] init]; Bam = @”abc def ghi”;

if (Bam contains @”def”) { General/NSLog(@”Bam contains def”); }

Well, if you mean to find a word surrounded by two spaces (or commas, or colons, or whatever), like you have it above, it’s simple:

General/NSString *Bam = General/[NSString stringWithString:@”abc def ghi”]; General/NSArray *General/BamPieces = [Bam componentsSeparatedByString:@” “]; // The string here being the short string that separates each word, spaces here.

for(int i = 0; i < General/[BamPieces length]; ++i) { if(General/[BamPieces objectAtIndex:i] isEqualTo:theWordYouWant]) // Here theWordYouWant is @”def” return YES; } } return NO;

Or something like that…

Now, if you want to find (for example) “def” in “abcdefghi”, then this obviously doesn’t work, and I wasted all my time :-) Does anyone else have a solution for this, besides checking all substrings for equality?

Oh wait, duh… I’ll answer my own question:

General/NSString *Bam = General/[NSString stringWithString:@”abc def ghi”];

if(General/[NSString rangeOfString:theStringYouWant] != General/NSMakeRange(General/NSNotFound,0)) { General/NSLog(@”theWordYouWant is contained in Bam”); }

Heh… sorry about that, this is much simpler…

Or even better…

General/NSString *bam = @”abc def ghi”;

if ([bam rangeOfString:theStringYouWant].location != General/NSNotFound) { General/NSLog(@”theWordYouWant is contained in bam”); }

Use lowercase for variable names (except for statics or exported variables). Why are you calling +General/[NSString stringWithString:]? There’s no point. Also, you can’t call +General/[NSString rangeOfString:] because the method doesn’t exist.

Oh man I’m dumb… looks like I won’t be signing this one :-) Thank goodness for anonymity. (and the OSX spell checker, because I wouldn’t know how to spell that word otherwise) It’s been awhile since I’ve actually coded anything, as you can tell. Hopefully I’ll get back into it when I start my CS classes this semester. —- Don’t feel bad. These answers really helped me. I’d found rangeOfString but didn’t know a way to easily check for the General/NSNotFound (I wanted to do it in one line of code!) since I’m new to Objective-C and General/NSRange is one of those weird things that isn’t an object, and when learning a new language my brain assumes all the rules have changed and you can’t just say blah.location to get at it.