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I am designing a document-based application that sub-classes General/NSDocument and General/NSWindowController called General/ViewController, but i am having a problem. When I make a new General/NSDocument it runs through the initializing messages just fine and it goes though makeWindowControllers just fine, but after everything is said and done. It seems that the General/NSWindowController outlets do no seem to work at all, they are all nil.

In the makeWindowControllers i have makeWindowControllers { General/NSLog(@”I am in makeWindowControllers”); windowController = General/[[ViewController alloc] initWithWindowNibName:@”General/MovieController”]; [self addWindowController:windowController]; if(movieFile != nil) { General/NSLog(@”Setting movieView to movie”); [windowController setMovieWithFile:movieFile]; }

	General/NSLog(@"There is no movie variable yet"); }

The problem i am coming across is in the code of setmovieWithFile. which is

-(void) setMovieWithFile:(General/NSString *)file { if(movieView == nil) General/NSLog(@”I am nil”); General/NSLog(@”set movie using file”); movie = General/[[QTMovie alloc] initWithFile:file error:nil]; General/NSLog([movie attributeForKey:@”General/QTmovieFileNameAttribute”]); [movieView setMovie:movie]; }

it ends up saying movieView is nil, and obvious nothing else will work. So when does the connections from IB connect during the code. And when should i be able to use movieView, which is connected to a General/QTMovieView in IB.

Sorry if this is a pretty stupid question, i am pretty new to cocoa and i am having trouble understanding why this isn’t working. Thanx for the help. ~ Stargex

Did you override initWithWindowNibName: in ViewController? Did you remember to call super? It’s the little stuff like this that always screws up my projects. –General/JediKnil

no i did not overload initWIthWindowNibName, should I have? My General/QTMoviewView is getting its General/QTMovie file from an General/NSString that is in a Controller file in the General/MainMenu.nib…. So i didn’t see why i should overload that method. ~ Stargex

General/NSWindowController loads its nib lazily. You aren’t doing anything in your code to force the nib to load, so your outlets are all nil. Try inserting [self window] at the beginning of setMovieWithFile: to force the nib to load.

Thanx a bunch that self window message worked. I was wondering what was wrong. ~ Stargex