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Hi, I have created an General/NSButton subclass along with an General/NSButtonCell subclass. I am using this in an General/NSToolbar, however there is 2 problems.

  1. When I run the toolbar customization palette I get the following:

* 2005-03-27 02:18:48.853 General/TestApp[16011] Exception raised during posting of notification. Ignored. exception: Window: discardTrackingRect called before adding rect

2005-03-27 02:18:48.854 General/TestApp[16011] *** Assertion failure in -General/[NSToolbarConfigPanel _discardTrackingRect:], General/AppKit.subproj/General/NSWindow.m:2796 *

I have heard that I need to removed my tracking rects here:

[super viewWillMoveToWindow:newWindow]; }

However I have not created any, the button created them from mousEntered: and mouseExited:.

  1. When the toolbar customization palette resigns the button is drawn blank. This may be because of point 1.

Any help would be most appreciated.


Just pass the message up to super from your subclass implementation

Resolved with use of custom tracking rects.