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When subclassing General/NSArrayController (or probably any object controller) what member should I override to do additional init style processing. I’m currently using awakeFromNib but that doesn’t seem like the best solution (if I programatically creating the controller it won’t be called).

I’ve tried -(id)init and - (id)initWithContent:(id)content but neither is called.

Any ideas?

When non-view, non-custom objects (or their subclasses) are unarchived from a nib file, the method initWithCoder: is called, rather than a normal initializer. Probably your best bet is to override initWithCoder: and initWithContent:. IMHO, overriding awakeFromNib, while workable, wouldn’t be quite as good as initWithCoder:, considering both the original purpose of awakeFromNib (for controllers to modify their outlets) and the fact that few people ever call super when implementing awakeFromNib. –General/JediKnil

Thank you. That certainly sounds like the way to go. Cheers.