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I’m trying to subclass General/NSDocumentController. Apple’s docs at

[] say

The application will not ask for its shared document controller until after the applicationWillFinishLaunching: message is sent to its delegate. Therefore, you can create an instance of your sub-class of General/NSDocumentController in your application delegate�s applicationWillFinishLaunching: method and that instance will be set as the shared document controller.

But with the following in my app delegate

my app still uses the regular General/NSDocumentController. Creating the General/MyDocumentController instance in my app controller’s -(id)init method causes my document controller to be used (i.e. it works.)

Can anyone confirm that applicationWillFinishLaunching: is still too late to create a General/NSDocumentController subclass, or am I doing something wrong?

Ah… nevermind. Some other code in my app delegate’s init was instantiating another controller which called General/[NSDocumentController sharedDocumentController] which was creating the instance. I just happened to insert the General/[[MyDocumentController alloc] init] line before that code.