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I have an General/NSSearchField in an General/NSToolbar and a large General/WebView spanning the content of the parent window. I want the General/NSSearchField to behave like the search field in the Dictionary app included with Tiger, which passes up/down arrow and pg up/down key presses to the General/WebView to let the user scroll without leaving the search field.

I’ve tried subclassing General/NSSearchFieldCell and overriding its keyDown:, but calling [searchField setCell:newCell] breaks the General/NSSearchField so that only the magnifying glass is displayed.

I’ve also tried subclassing just General/NSSearchField, but its keyDown: never gets called.

Am I going about this the wrong way? I’d be grateful for any help.


Read up on the General/FieldEditor, and add this to your search field’s delegate:

The General/FieldEditor is the first responder, and it receives the original keyDown: message. However, it has plenty of delegate methods, so there is no reason to subclass to change this behavior.

Thank you very much! I edited the above code to include the commands that should be passed to the General/WebView.